My First Publication!

For the past year, if you clicked the "Publications" tab of my page, you'd see a trite little message that went something like:

I'm flattered that you think I'm good enough to be published, but I'm afraid I don't have anything to put here just yet. 

Well, I'm pleased to announce that, as of today, that message is no more. After much nagging from my regular readers to check out this whole 'Write For Cracked" thing, I've finally had an article accepted by!

Boo yeah.

I don't have a lot of details for you at the moment - I don't know when, exactly, the article will be published, and I don't know what title they will choose to publish it under. What I do know is that it's about historic figures who did things right out of horror movies, and that you should start frantically refreshing Cracked sometime around Halloween. 

Thanks to everyone who told me to send in an article! I'll post a link to it when it goes live.

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