Getting Back on Track

If you've been following my blog with feverish dedication this past year (as all of you should be), you might have noticed that my posting schedule has been a little bit erratic lately.

This is why.

In the past three months, I've been busy applying for graduate school, attempting to not flunk out of my final year of university, pimping out my writing brilliance for, and spending some time with a particularly persistent group of rabid admirers who refer to themselves as my friends. Sometimes, blogging just had to wait.

This is my life.

But now that the looming nightmare of grad school applications is over with for now, it's time to get this blogging thing back on track. So here's my promise to you, anonymous good-looking reader with impeccable taste in online reading material - is going back to regular posts on Saturdays. I promise. 

Want to find out whether I keep this promise? Check back here next Saturday to find out!

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