Another Cracked Article on the Way!

Most of you may claim to read this blog for my scathing movie reviews, nitpicking analysis of pop culture, or anecdotes about my bumbling, incompetent life, but I know that you're all really here for up-to-the-minute updates about my fledging writing career.

You, every time you check this website.

Well, hold on, mostly-fictional fans, because I've got some good news to announce!

You, right now.

I've had a second article accepted by, the gigantic humour website that you've probably got open in another tab right now because you're procrastinating on a paper. 

It'll be another two or three months before the article is actually posted to the website, but you should probably start frantically refreshing the page now, just in case. 

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  1. I can totally see your writing in Cracked. It's so naturally humorous, and very Tina Fey. :-)


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