Cracked Article #4

As most of my regular readers/devoted followers/binocular-wielding stalkers already know, I write for from time to time. This is one of those times.

Brace yourselves, it's a weird article this time.

Article #4 is called 'The 5 Weirdest Disappearances No One Can Explain', and you can get to it by clicking that link. If you like taking extra, unnecessary steps to do everything, for reasons known only to you and your therapist, you can find the full list of my Cracked articles at the top of my webpage. It's under "Cracked articles". Because I excel at labeling.

This particular article was inspired by my longtime fascination with missing persons cases, which started when a classmate of mine named Chris Metallic mysteriously vanished into the woods in Sackville, New Brunswick in November of 2012. His case is still open, and if you have any information or resources that would help his family locate him, now would be an excellent time to contact the RCMP. 

I have no idea when my next article will be up, but I imagine there will be another one in the next few months. Until then, keep an eye on this blog, and if you've thought about writing for Cracked yourself, feel free to friend me on the site and hit me up for pointers. 

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