Getting My First Short Story Published!

If you've kept a close eye on my website navigation bar, you might have noticed there's a new category called "Short Stories". 

Nothing gets past you, champ.

After two solid years of psyching myself up to let people read my fiction writing, and not just my endless snarky critiques of horror movies, I started submitting some old stories from a creative writing class to literary journals. Lo and behold, one of them just got accepted!

"The Marvellous Mr. Marble" , a comedic short story, will be published by Jenny Magazine in November 2016! It's an online publication, which means you'll all get to read it as soon as it comes out. Rejoice!

You right now, obviously.


  1. Well congrats! I hope you were paid well for the story. I got some really bad stories published way back in teh early internet days because sites would pay money for any content they could get their mitts on. Again, congrats! May more be published!


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