About Me

As you've probably already guessed, my name is Janel Comeau, and I'm an aspiring author living in Edmonton, Alberta. Despite spending my days cleverly disguised as a fourth-year university psychology student, I haven't grown mentally or physically since my fourteenth birthday.

This is what sophistication and maturity look like.

I live at home with two parents, two brothers, and two lovable mutts of dubious genetic backgrounds. When I'm not lashed to my keyboard, I spend my time volunteering as a suicide prevention counselor and working as an assistant in a sex and violence research lab. The little spare time I have that isn't gobbled up by my writing projects is devoted to video games, playing guitar, and marveling at the perfection and simplicity of the common toaster.

I finished writing my first novel, a YA sci-fi, in June of 2013. Will Janel beat the odds and fulfill her lifelong dream of seeing her obnoxiously French name on bookstore shelves? Watch this page for answers.

Find me on Twitter: @VeryBadLlama. Or look at the Twitter widget in the sidebar. Your choice, really.

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